Single Use St Martins Forceps
Single Use St Martins Forceps

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New Products

Single Use Iris Scissors

Single Use 90mm Iris Scissors, curved on flat or straight with a bead balst finish. 

Single Use Fish Bone Removal Forceps

Perfect for removal of finsh bones from the tonsils. Single opening jaw allows the clinician to guage where the jaws are in reference to the fish bone.

Single Use Extra Fine Toothed St Martin's Forceps.

Single Use Extra Fine Toothed St Martin's Forceps, perfect for delecate plastics procedures. With a bead balst finish to reflect the glare from a light source.

Single Use Insulated Cusco Speculum with Smoke Tube.

Available in medium, Large and Large Long. 

Single Use Stevens Tenotomy Scissor 115mm

Single use Stevens Tenotomy Scissor 115mm Straight with a bead balst finish

Single Use Nasal Thudicum

Single use Nasal Thudicum, available in sizes 0,1,2,3

Single Use Bradford Forceps

Single Use Bradford Forceps with a bead blast finish

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